Saturday, May 07, 2011


Using IEEETrans with Texmaker

This (tip) is for you if you are TeXing in a linux platform. You can install LaTeX, TeXMaker, and IEEEtran class files using following procedure. Thought this might be helpful.

1. First get the full texlive package:

apt-get install texlive-full

(You may need to use sudo as well)

2. Then install texmaker (it's a very nice GUI frontend for latex)

apt-get install texmaker

3. Then install the texlive-publishers package which has the IEEEtran classes. (It also has a number of other thesis/document formats too)

apt-get install texlive-publishers

Or you can combine all three steps together, but it would take a lot of time.

apt-get install texlive-full texmaker texlive-publishers

Happy TeXing :D. Ack:

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